Sustainability is of high strategic priority for MMC. In addition to its core business – the development, production and sale of fascinating Plant garden – accepting responsibility for people, the environment, and society is one of the key missions and objectives of the company.

Sustainability at MMC

Business and customers

Satisfied customers are the basis for entrepreneurial success. Core elements in the corporate strategy of MMC are consistent focus on customers and open dialog. This applies equally to our collaboration with suppliers and business partners, with whom we want to work together as close partners for a long time. Digitization is a topic that is additionally and insistently influencing entrepreneurial behavior nowadays, while at the same time offering enormous opportunity and potential.

Product Responsibility

MMC Smart Pot is testament to our engineers’ ability to reconcile the apparent contradiction between performance and social acceptability, and between exclusivity and suitability for everyday use. They unite the fascination of plant growing with environmentally-compatible and resource-efficient mobility. Its activities to the technologies and Green Environment protecting that will shape the future, thus integrating the megatrend of indoor garden into its development and production processes.

Employees and Community

MMC focuses on people – on our own employees just as on society to which we see ourselves belonging. The company’s success as a business is only conceivable with the commitment and dedication of our employees, and with the strong identification of the staff with the MMC philosophy and goals. We see it as our entrepreneurial duty to pass on some of this success directly to society – at a local, regional, and international level. MMC is active in many areas in the fields of “Social Commitment”, “Education and Science”, “Culture”, and “Green”.

Environment and Energy

MMC not only invests in environmentally-sustainable and resource-efficient products but also in efficient and environmentally-compatible production processes. The company places great value on the economical use of resources, energy, and water. Working and producing in urban surroundings poses special challenges in this respect and requires new ways of thinking.