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If you want to make offices happier places to work in, as well as more productive, the secret may be to add house plants, according to a recent studypublished in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Many workspaces have minimal decoration, but adding indoor plants makes life less stressful for office workers. Not just offices either, almost any room with plants makes people feel better.That may all sound quite obvious, but less well known is that house plants are also excellent at cleaning up air pollution indoors. Relatively little attention is paid to the problem of indoor air quality,… 

Have you ever heard about interior green wall? It is one of the artwork which involves nature item. This wall décor help you getting the nature freshness like outside. Besides that, it reduces the CO2 and CO3 from the pollution that damages the environment. By the way, I have a lot of these catchy wall decors below. Are you looking for this idea too? Okay, it is the soothing high ceiling living area. It has moss green wall behind the upholstered armchairs.

Let’s make it simple! I think you should not think it seriously if the easy way is in front of the eyes. Try to see this natural indoor green wall here. Make it is not difficult and woman can do it. You only need some space on the floor and the wall for the moss plants. Later, you will meet it every morning since you wake up. Then, open the door and your garden welcome you directly? Should I open the door?

... indoor gardening for love ...
Further, l shaped green wall comes for your enchanting backyard. Here, it becomes the border of the l shaped fish pond. Afterward, it faces off the remarkable alfresco that has tempered glass deck. The third is about the go green home office. Behind your working chair is the lush wall plant from several types. Obvious, it combined the terrific glass floor which has stunning light fixtures. In the other hand, the wall combines the floor potted plant and the classy home library.

Cafe Shop Uses Indoor Plants to Supply Fresh Air

According to Wikipedia, green wall is a wall according to some or all parts covered with vegetation that makes plants able to live like soil. Green wall was first discovered by Stanley Hart White, a professor of landscape architecture who has patented green wall in 1938. While the concept of green wall successfully developed in the late 1980s by Patrick Blanc. Green wall comes with integrated water delivery system. We recognize it as living walls green wall, or vertical garden. Green wall in its development comes at two types – we can apply indoors green wall and outdoors green wall depending on the preferences and needs. The use of green walls as one element of the decor that charming increasing lately. Its popularity skyrocketed after many public places apply. Some airports in the world have a green wall carrying both indoors and outdoors such as Changi International Airport in Singapore to Edmonton International Airport in Canada.

Alright, the theme is still about the simple idea. Obvious, the change falls into your kitchen. Here, there is narrow tall moss wall garden on the built-in cabinet. This interior décor stands aside the entry way while deliver you to the kitchen. In fact, the green wall also looms over the base cabinet. At last, minimalist indoor wall garden comes for the excellent dark space. It looms behind the window large white sofa and the ellipse glass table. Okay, the choice is in your hand now. You can take the thoughtful or the easy designs. Everything is okay.